Published Writings

Expressions from Within

A Poetic Journey of Awakening

By Gladys Wesley-Kennedy



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This  eloquent and elegant book of poetry, written by Gladys Wesley-Kennedy, takes  you on a journey to awakening. It expresses the beauty found on the path we all  travel toward the Divine, even as we travel with the Divine and as the Divine.  The tapestry of words and images speaks of experiences deeply personal to the  author, yet intrinsic to us all as we meander toward “the destiny no one can  miss” as written in the poem Magic, Miracles, Destiny, and Wonders. The  soul-stirring photographic images are breathtaking and bring the poems to life.  Wesley-Kennedy captures the essence of the deep feelings and experiences she  encounters as she travels through the mysteries of mind. What is truly  extraordinary is the vulnerability of the poetry as it winds through the  ecstasy in awakening and the pain in the process. She touches our hearts as she  opens hers. The moment you pick up this book you are taken to a place you’ve  always wanted to visit.

— Vanessa Tabor Wesley co-author, Your Essential Whisper


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