Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant & Apprentice Program

The Teaching Assistant and Apprentice Program is reserved for members with exceptional ability, and who have a life vision of becoming a WHAI™ Master Healer or Teacher. It is conducted as a three year, apprentice training program that teaches The WHAI™ techniques, methodologies and philosophies. Members (TA’s) voluntarily assist, part-time, with classes, operations, public relations, community events and activities. Upon completion of the three year training program, a one year internship is required to graduate.




GordonGordon Sampson
Marketing Coordinator and Education

Gordon has a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked in the Aerospace Industry, specializing in reconnaissance satellite design, aircraft & spacecraft countermeasures, and futuristic spacecraft concepts.   While at Johnson Space Center, Gordon worked on the Space Shuttle, US/Russian Shuttle/Mir Program, and the International Space Station Program until he retired.  

 Gordon is a cancer survivor and joined The WHAI™, initially as a student, to heal a nerve disorder caused by radiation treatments.   Gordon’s leadership abilities, love of teaching and compassion for people has brought a new energy to The WHAI™.  We welcome Gordon to our team.

DawnDawn Fudge

Community Relations

Dawn Fudge is a restaurant entrepreneur and owner of the Last Concert Café in Houston for 30 years.  Previously, she served as a compliance officer for major mutual funds company consisting of 27 mutual funds with 18 billion in assets. She is also a graduate of the University of Houston.



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