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The WHAI™ – Health & Healing Practice

The WHAI™ — Health & Healing Practice is a private health and wellness subsidiary of The WHAI.LLC. The Healing Practice offers an effective way for participants to restore good health through personalized educational healing programs—usually, lasting only five or six weeks. Personalized healing programs always conclude with the formerly “ill” or “dis-eased” participant completing the program with renewed health, increased health awareness, vitality, and a more optimistic outlook on life.

Each healing program participant’s recovery or “healing” is achieved by the Master Healer successfully teaching them how to heal themselves, by conducting or performing: Qi-Gong (Energy) Healings, Meridian Stimulation, and customized Holistic Health Education. Additionally, if needed, Herbal Supplements will be recommended and supervised by the Master Healer in conjunction with the participants presiding physician.


What Is Qi-Gong?

The Main Healing Modality of The WHAI™ — Health & Healing Practice is “Qi-Gong”—an ancient powerful and proven Asian energy practice that originated thousands of years ago. Qi Gong practitioners or “masters” scan and manipulate a participant’s energy system to help them identify and correct the source of their pain, sickness, or disease. Thus, in a remarkably short amount of time, participants inevitably re-establish a balanced and lasting overall health condition.


How The WHAI™ Energy Healings Work:

All forms of health anomalies are the direct result of misdirected or blocked energy flow within the body. The length of time and severity of the energy blockage determines which of the three progressive stages of health pathology and symptoms that will manifest:


  • Early-stage Energy Blockage: Pain, limited movement, fatigue, and loss of peace of mind.
  • Moderate-stage Energy Blockage: Impaired physiological functioning; pathological products develop, e.g., phlegm, edema, tumors, cysts, rashes, swelling, etc.
  • Chronic-stage Energy Blockage: Internal organ(s) impairment. Disease develops due to long-term disrupted energy flow.


The WHAI™ Master Healers are trained in the art and science of the human energy system, which is, in essence, comprised of energy, (“qi” pronounced “chi”), chakras, gates, and meridians. Specifically, the Master Healer scans a participant’s physical body and energy system in order to identify areas of disharmony. Once identified, they hone in on the actual source of their problem. Following this evaluation, they create and review with the participant a healing strategy that will correct the energy disturbances. Such healing programs inevitably conclude with the participant experiencing miraculous improvement to both their health and overall well-being.


Other The WHAI™ Benefits and Programs:

The WHAI™ healing experience is enhanced by participants being encouraged to concurrently participate in the Introduction to Meditative Fitness class, which is the foundational class of Meditative Fitness Programs. The “Intro to MedFit” class is one of six, life enhancing, proprietary exercise classes. It is specifically designed to familiarize new members with the fundamental principles, practices, and proprietary nomenclature specific to The WHAI™ and Meditative Fitness Programs. Furthermore, The WHAI Health and Healing Program participants who join this class learn how to do for themselves what they previously contracted The WHAI™ Master Healers to do for them.

Healing consultations and programs are conducted by appointment only.

For Information about our Healing Programs, contact: 

Gladys Wesley-Kennedy at 832-216-2714 or gladys@meditative-fitness.com

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