Class Descriptions

Introduction to Meditative Fitness

(Foundational Class)

  Intro to MedFit is a foundational class that familiarizes new members with the fundamental exercises, principles, practices, and proprietary nomenclature specific to The WHAI.LLC & Meditative Fitness Programs. Specifically, through the exercises and in-class lectures members are introduced to their “essence” or “energy meridian system,” which is comprised of “divine energy,” “chakras,” “gates,” and “meridians or energy channels.” By learning and practicing the energy exercises of this program, members begin to restore the natural flow of divine energy; and learn how to be the master of their body, life, and innate energy system.


Calm Qi Gong

Calm Qi-gongCalm Qi Gong class teaches members how to calm and focus their mind by performing Qi Gong breathing exercises and forms. It is a spiritual “meditation in motion class,” wherein members are led into a deep and reverent meditative state, and from which they use breath and energy to perform ancient, Qi Gong and Tai Chi routines. Calm Qi Gonghelps members develop discipline, mind awareness as well as a deep reverence and gratitude for life.



Mind-ful Meditation

Mindful Meditation is an intensive spiritual cleansing, and mind development class, available only to the most advanced and dedicated members. It offers Qi Gong Meditation, Yoga and Zen lectures. Members learn how to meditate, how to apply ancient Yoga and Meditation principles to their daily life, and how to practice “mindfulness” at all times. The result of this type of practice is a greatly improved quality of life and overall well-being.


Saturday Sunrise Meditation

Sunrise Meditation
Sunrise Meditation is a spiritual cleansing and life objective class that guides members into a deep meditative state, where-from they send healing thoughts/prayers towards the realization of each individual member’s monthly objective. The class incorporates “Buddhist-like” bows or prostrations, chanting, qi gong postures, and meditation. By all accounts, this special class is a life-enhancing and emotionally moving experience.



YoQi-FlowThe YoQi-Flow class is an intense, rhythmic, energy class available only to intermediate and advanced MedFit members. YoQi-Flow teaches advanced healing techniques and principles of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meridian Therapy. Specifically, members learn to initiate bodily movement and heal themselves, through strategic use of qi gong breathing techniques, and activation of energy meridians and energy points called, “gates.” Once learned, members can positively affect or “heal” their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.




The Meditative Fitness class location:

Pearland, TX

New 2016 classes coming soon!


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