Our Alliance Philosophy

Blue OrbThere is a well known saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Our philosophy is, “It takes a healing community to heal a person.” An important aspect of The WHAI & Meditative Fitness Programs is to form alliances with other like- minded people who have similar or complimentary spiritual health practices. We refer to our alliance development efforts as, “Forming a healing chain.” Currently, our healing chain includes very special individuals who have supported or positively influenced the growth of The WHAI & Meditative Fitness; or, who have directly benefited our members or healing program participants.  Each of our alliances, and their respective healing efforts, are remarkable in their own right. Their work is sincere, effective, and beneficial. Therefore, we are proud to list them as part of our healing chain.

— Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

Founder & Qi Gong Master

Natural Awakenings-Houston

Natural Awakenings4

Nurture Soul


Last Concert Café


The Path of Tea

The Path of Tea2

A Moveable Feast

A Moveable FeastNatural Awakenings Magazine