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The Wellness & Healing Arts Institute (The WHAI™), pronounced “the way,” is a highly specialized educational health institute, led by a master healer, and supported by a membership of practitioners, dedicated to learning and teaching ancient Mind principles and the holistic health practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation designed to master your Mind, health and life.

The WHAI was founded in 2002, in Houston, TX, by Gladys Wesley-Kennedy a Qi-gong Master and Healer.

Below is a message from our Founder:

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At The WHAI, we offer a variety of effective group fitness programs, as well as private holistic health services. In particular, we specialize in teaching our Meditative Fitness Programs students how to achieve and maintain renewed health; and, we help our Health and Healing Practice participants recover from persistent or chronic pain, sickness, or disease.

The WHAI provides its educational health and fitness services through the below listed subsidiaries:



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