About The Founder

Gladys Wesley-Kennedy (Master Gladys) is a Qi Gong Master, fine artist, author, holistic health educator, and the founder of The WHAI (The Wellness & Healing Arts Institute)

For more than twenty-five years, Master Gladys has been successfully designing and conducting educational holistic health and therapeutic fitness programs. She is particularly well respected in the areas of ancient Asian healing modalities, such as Qi Gong (energy healing), acupressure, meridian therapy, and herbal medicine. Due to her gifted hands-on energy healing work, she has helped hundreds of people worldwide to recover from debilitating sicknesses and life-threatening diseases.

She has also been the chief editor and writer of several published Zen philosophy and meditation related books: The Essence of Life, The Doorway to Zen, and Liberating Truth. Additionally, she recently authored and published a Zen meditation poetry book entitled, Expressions from Within – A Poetic Journey of Awakening

Most significantly, Master Gladys has had the rare good fortune of living and studying the ancient healing arts, Zen philosophy, and martial arts with many revered and awakened Asian masters, throughout Asia and the United States. As a result of her practicing the principles and methodologies learned from such masters and studies, she was able to heal herself of breast cancer. Since her miraculous recovery, Master Gladys has vowed to dedicate her life to the propagation of the healing arts, holistic health education, and Zen philosophy. To accomplish this, she designed The WHAI and Meditative Fitness Programs to serve as forums for sharing the ancient wisdom and practices that helped her recover from a “dis-eased” life.

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